About Me / Photography as a sequence of life

Photography is about what you feel. And because we all feel different, photography is nothing but the conversion in image of a personal experience, of a personal vision of the world and life. Thus I consider that by means of the photo camera you only propose to other your own reality. What you see, crop and put down in an image is the cumulation of visual culture, emotion, sensibility and life experience.

This is one of the reasons for which photography will never be cut out of visual art. Neither as a concept nor as a visual expression. One must never forget that the pioneers in photography where all artist or in the worst case, art lovers and connoisseurs.

Thus my formation as a visual artist and photographer brings me closer to the real values of photography and morally obliges me to treat with the highest amount of responsibility and rigor any subject I approach.

My respect for the client and his needs, makes me offer him all my knowledge and experience, regardless of it being a simple portrait, private party, concert, show or any other kind of subject. An essential element in the high quality collaborations I had along the way, is my openness toward the suggestions of the client, leaving aside expressions such as “this is how it’s supposed to be made”. The only thing that is “necessary” is that at the end of the collaboration, the client to enjoy a set of particularly novel, spectacular and representative photographs. Aside from the technical performances of the last generation equipment and the photo editing applications, the difference between a professional and an amateur photographer is given by the the thousands of shots taken, the accomplished eye that captures what is needed when it’s needed, and by its experience and refinement.

My extension in the artistic field and professional experience comes as a guaranty of quality and responsibility towards all that request my photographic services.